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Growing A Sustainable Community Garden In Port Hope

Punk Rock Produce began growing community gardens to help encourage others to grow-a-row and donate to the Northumberland Fare Share Food Banks. We continue this mission and provide most of what we grow directly to the food banks. We’ve donated approximately 1,400 lbs. of fresh produce over the past 2 years. The concept behind PRP is deeply rooted in the DIY culture of Punk Rock. Making your own shirts, music and flyers was where punk came from. Our gardens may not be huge but we use them to educate, share and laugh. Everyone is welcome to visit, to ask questions and to pitch in if they like. If you need produce, ask us. We grow this produce to help BUT we also know how to handle the plants and what’s ready to be harvested.

Get Involved

Our new location is behind 118 Walton Street in Port Hope and offers a few more challenges than our previous home on John Street. We’re using 2 barrels this year, as we have no access to water. Contact us if you’d be interested in joining us on our weekly drop-offs each Wednesday morning.

Show Your Support

PRP has merchandise available for sale to help offset our costs. We have unisex t-shirts, women’s fitted shirts and reusable grocery bags for sale and we ship world wide via Big Cartel. Every bit helps and, if you love gardening and what we do, each sale makes a big difference to us. We’re also canning produce and making sauces, which are available at Suntree Natural Foods Marketplace and at various events that we attend during the season.

Do Your Part

Do you have space to grow? Well, let us help you with all the free advice you could need. Growing for your local food bank, church or other organization is rewarding and helps your community. Grow-A-Row this season and show those in need that you care. Help Feed Our Neighbours!

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. We’re happy to offer advice on gardening, answer questions about any issues you may be facing or just to chat. If you’re looking to purchase an item in support of the garden or to donate mason jars just let us know in the Subject field! Cheers!